5 crazy-romantic haristyles for this Spring.

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Waves for Babes - lightly spray your hair while its damp, give it a good shake, light blow dry on cool to give you the look of a light wave in your hair.

Dream Curls - If you are lucky enough to have that natural curl in your hair, flaunt it!  Add some curl definer and own those curls!

Swept Away - pull it up in a bun and let some pieces fall lightly around your face for that swept away look.

By Your Side - have your best friend braid your hair to the side, or give you a fish tail braid and pull it to the side with some loose pieces that frame your face just right.

Queen of the Night - take sections of your hair and braid each section until your head is full of 4 braids, then pull them all up with pins along your neckline for that sleek and beautiful look.

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