Does you closet reflect your age?

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When you are entering the 4th decade of your life, there are essential wardrobe pieces you ought to have found because, honestly, they make the style part of your life easier.  By the time you turn 30, you should have the following items in your wardrobe according to Glamour Magazine.

  • Work bag - purses will come and go, styles change, wear on your purses so get a good solid colored work bag.
  • Comfortable, neutral heels or flats - you know that pair that you can wear to work, to dinner all around the office in comfort. Your go to shoes when your not sure what to wear with that suit, dress or jeans.
  • A simple, tailored dress - last minute business meeting, dinner with some clients, a church meeting. All women need that simple yet classy tailored dress.
  • Something you feel confident in - this one is up to you? Every women needs a piece of clothing that you can put on and immediately feel confident in. My piece is a plain black A-line skirt I can put on any top, jacket, heels or flats and it looks classy and trendy.
  • Something you feel sexy in - it could be as simple as a little black dress or a pair of strappy heels or that top that fits just perfectly in all the right places. 
  • An evening bag - one good fun evening bag that you can wear with a dressy outfit, a simple outfit. Just that one evening bag that has just a little sassy touch to it. Black, brown or gray are all great basic colors that can match with a wide variety of clothing.
  • Jeans you love - you've had time to learn what jeans you love and what jeans not so much. When you find the ones you love, stick with them and buy a few pairs.
  • A great coat - I'm not talking about a jean jacket or a puffer jacket that one jacket that is fitted, classic and can be worn from morning to night, from business to personal.
  • A good bra - can I get an AMEN on this one? It does not have to be very expensive but just a great fitting bra, that supports you, feels good and give you just that lift you like.
  • An investment piece - save up a few dollars each month and treat yourself to that one piece that you normally would never purchase, the one piece you've always wanted but felt guilty to buy. Go ahead, buy it and have it in your closet for a lifetime. Yes, it will be the one piece you smile real big when you wear it or carry it. It's a classic that never goes out of style.

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