Are you ready for 2016?

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It's time to reflect on what you've accomplished in 2015 as we all get ready to move towards a new year. Some of you will be glad to put 2015 behind you, start fresh for whatever reasons in 2016. I had many blessings in 2015, some sadness but with each good or bad issue in 2015 I know there is some kind of lessons learned.  I mean, isn't that life regardless of the year we will have wins and losses. I'd like to think that it's what we do with those lessons that defines the start of our new year, our 2016.

However, you look at it we can say a new year is a new beginning. Maybe we take greater risk, find new love, bring joy and happiness to others. Just maybe if we all start believing in the good in people, screaming to the roof tops all the good that people do every single day our youth would want to achieve good things. Just maybe, it will turn the negatives into positives. If you know me at all I've always told anyone that would listen you can be anything, make anything happen as long as you believe it through positive thinking. 

You can make your job boring, or you can make it into the best job in the world. 99% of your success in life is your attitude. Success is defined by you, not by others, not by circumstances it's defined by what you define it to be.  Care less about what others think of you and care more about what GOD thinks of you. Stop body shaming, because after all I firmly believe GOD created each of us in our own unique way. Who is to say anything different? Peers, media, famous hardly, I certainly think NOT. You are exactly how GOD created you, so there can be nothing better or different because he took time to create you in your own amazing, unique and beautiful way. 

I will start my 2016 year off by continuing to bring you affordable clothing for all body types, love you when you walk in our store, find the good in people, care deeply for people and promote the good things I see people do for each other every single day. Join me in positive thinking and to promote positive behaviors. After all, it starts with each and every one of us to change the world one day at a time.

I hope you and your families have a safe and blessed Happy New Year.  Here's to positive journeys in 2016❤️  Love, Pam



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