Fall & Winter Collections

Fashion Update September Edition


Fall is in the air.... is your wardrobe ready?  If not, we can help you put an entire outfit together or individual pieces to compliment a piece you may already have. 

Here are some FALL Fashion Wardrobe Must-Haves this season!!

  • Mixed Prints are finally back in style - so go for it.
  • Plaids in all different colors.
  • Suede and Fringe is an absolute must-have this season.
  • Ladies Chunky Heels are back in so don't get rid of your 3-inch stilettos just yet, but you can put them in the closet until Spring.
  • Leggings in all different colors and types work so well with most jackets and tunic tops.
  • High boots, low boots and booties are ALL fun and very trendy.
  • Colors of the season:  Browns, Wine, Rust, Vintage Ivory, Gray, Deep Purple.
  • Flair Jeans....oh yes, you need some!

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