Summer weather is in the air❤️

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 Is your wardrobe ready for the summer heat? Well it's not just about the clothes it's also about the prep work before you put on those cute summer outfits.

Sublime Bronzer instant tan lotions are the "hit" right now. Helpful hint make sure you get a great pair of gloves when applying any of these products. Any of these products less is more! Yes, I made the mistake of not applying my bronzer with gloves and let's just say my legs looked like I was dripping mud down the front and backs of my legs, for days. Not the look I was looking for so get yourself some gloves.

Find the perfect OPI nail colors in all your bright, bold and fun summer colors. Pastel greens, blues, pinks, coral and purples. Oh yay, that's what I am talking about. By the way get those toes done before you put them in those strapy heels, flats or wedges. Treat yourself you are so worth it! Amen to that! Extra legs rub yes, please. 

Add some highlights that scream summer is coming add some blonde and warm blonde tones to that beautiful hair.  Find the perfect make up bronzer to contour those cheeksbones, forehead and a light sweep across your chin. Oh-La-La

Light sheer color lip gloss that gives those lips a soft, sexy and pouty look are a must have this summer. Don't be afraid to add some  bright colors every once in awhile, just not all day, all the time.

Make it a great beginning to your summer. 

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